Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (Mar 14-20, 2011)?

I overdid things yesterday with "spring cleaning" and decluttering.  Gosh, I really have issues!  I am not a contestant for that hoarder show or anything but I definitely hold onto items for longer than I should.  In addtion, I have a bad habit of stacking up items into piles.  Then I don't get to those piles for months (maybe years?)  I'm hoping to change that though and get a bit more organized in the near future though.  In fact, I hired a one-time, one-day housekeeper to come over and deep clean for me.  I used proceeds from my cookbook sales to hire her.  I can't wait to come home to a spotless, sparkling house!  This will be the first time in my life that I've ever used a cleaning person!   So I had to clean before she could come over and clean and wow, I can't believe people do this for a living all the time!  I'd rather be cooking in my kitchen and making a mess any day of the week! 


Due to five hours of cleaning closets, throwing away toys and stuffed animals, clearing off dressers and counter tops and stowing away coupons and books, I intend to relax today and keep it simple for the next two days.  I will be using leftovers from today's barbecue to make my meals for Monday and Tuesday.   Also, I know Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and I will plan on making the traditional Irish Soda bread.  But other than drinking some Bailey's or having something green (like kiwi or grapes), I'm not much into Irish-style food.   It's just not for me. 

I will say a toast to my favorite Irish musician though- Cheers to Bono and U2!  I love you more than words can express! 

Here's what I have lined up for this week:

Monday, Mar. 14 - Grilled BBQ chicken and turkey-sausage wraps using leftover barbecue from Sunday's grilling, side of baked beans and salad 

Tuesday, Mar. 15 - Chicken and spinach gnocchi (use leftover chicken from barbecue), serve with homemade bread and steamed veggies

Wednesday, Mar. 16 - Macho Nacho Pie, serve with a side of corn and a small salad

Thursday, Mar. 17 - BLT's using  Irish Soda Mini Bread ~ I will also listen to a ton of U2 music and have some Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee in honor of St. Patty's Day~!

Friday, Mar. 18 - Homemade pepperoni pizza

Saturday, Mar. 19 - Take out OR eat something from my freezer

Sunday, Mar. 20 - Cowboy Spaghetti - I will lighten this up and serve it with homemade dinner rolls and green beans

Here are the desserts and snacks that I hope to make in the coming days as well.  I know this looks like A LOT....BUT....My plan is to freeze half of these items and save them for later - such as for unexpected visitors (we had one over the weekend!) or just my own special treat at a later time!  :-)

(1) White and Dark Chocolate Tea Bread - the recipe for this is in my bread machine cookbook - I will share this one soon if it turns out as great as it sounds!

(2)  Graham Cracker Pudding Mini Cakes

(3) Southern Fruit Iced Tea 

(4) Light Lemon Bars - this recipe is listed in my cookbook

(5) Triple A Cake  (absolutely, amazing, apple cake) - I've made this before but I feel like making it again and freezing half for later.  It's soooo good!

(6) Cantaloupe Popsicles - I hope it puts the "mmm" in melon!   These would be great for the hot summer I think.  That's why I want to try them out and perfect them now!

What's on your meal plan this week?  Share your ideas or leave me a link to your blog's foods for the coming days....

I'm extending my contest to submit your ugly food recipes and photos by one more day!  So if you've been lazy about sending me something, you still have time!  Get it me by midnight tonight.  Come on' - don't make me be alone in my fugly cooking! 


  1. I used to plan my meals out every week when the kids were home. Now that one has moved out and the other is almost off to college I've gotten out of the habit. Your menu looks really good! I think I'm going to try to make out my menu for the week so I can get the most out of my food (using leftovers). Great idea!

    By the way, I'm adding you as a blog I read. Can't wait to find out how your bread turns out. I have a bread machine, but it seems like I have a hard time getting it to turn out just right so I haven't played with it lately.

  2. Glad to see you're making Irish Soda Bread(s)! I made my (Irish) aunt's authentic recipe the other night - YUM! The nacho pie looks good. Nothing too exciting at our house this week. Sloppy Joes, freezer meal, Homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. Making Onion, Garlic and Cheese Bread today and I have some sourdough starter brewing in the fridge...looking to use that in a loaf this week.