Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Unexpected Diet

Would you like to lose five pounds
                                                                  Just in one day?
By spending the day in bed or the bathroom 
With your guts spewing in every which way?

No? That doesn't appeal to you?
I cannot imagine why!
Your head and stomach hurt so bad
                                                             You think you just might die.

That is the unexpected diet I've been on
A nasty invasion called a stomach bug.
So until I can hold down real foods again
Could you send me a virtual hug?

I wish this silly poem
                                                     Was just a few rambles from my mouth
                                                               But I've been really sick
A sad sight - this girl in the deep south. 

                                                       Hopefully in about two more days
                                                          I'll be back to my usual routine
Because dry toast and crackers are getting old
I want pizza, cake and ice cream!

I hope to be back to posting recipes again by Thursday.  But right now, I am still recovering from my stomach virus.  I still cannot stand the sight or smell of most foods, even just typing up ingredients in a recipe. 

So enjoy your foods and eat extra for me until I am well again!  I hope to be back on here again soon.  


  1. Boo! I hope you feel better quickly. :(

  2. oh no! get better soon and you bet i'll eat on your behalf! anne

  3. Oh Mandy! I hope you feel better soon. Is Miss Viv healthy? You'll be back to creating good food before you know it!!

  4. Hope you get better soon. Just found your blog and i love it. Breath of fresh air! Have a fabulous day! XO
    Oh would love for you to do my recipe challenge with us this month!