Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (Apr 4 - 10, 2011)?

Things have been so hectic around my house lately.  We have not been sitting still or spending much time in the kitchen these days. 

This coming week will be the same as well....  I've got a meeting planned, family visitors coming to town and a recipe swap taking place too.  Therefore, I'm keeping things simple on myself this week~! 

Here is what I have lined up in the coming days:

Monday, Apr. 4 - Leftover Pot Roast with rice and veggies

Tuesday, Apr. 5 - Shrimp and Grits - This is a family favorite of ours!

Wednesday, Apr. 6 - Roast Beef Sandwiches OR Eat out with guests in town

Thursday, Apr. 7 - Jen C.'s Tilapia Fish recipe (will share this recipe soon!)  - my friend sent me her fool-proof fish recipe and I can't wait to try it~!

Friday, Apr. 8 - Recipe Swap Club Meetup and Black Bean Burgers - I'm hoping to gain some new, easy recipes from the swap we're having!

Saturday, Apr. 9 - Light and Healthy Spinach Lasagna - I will freeze half of this for later!

Sunday, Apr. 10 - Barbecue sausage and chicken (this is will be a reoccuring thing for us this spring and summer!) 

Here are the snacks, sides and desserts I hope to make this week:

(1) Honey and orange cornmeal cake - This looks yummy!

(2) Lowfat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - I can't wait to try this lighter version of this classic!

(3) Lemon Herb Salad dressing - recipe coming soon!

(4) Briony's Peanut butter and Jelly oatmeal muffins - my friend made these recently and they look really good!

Enjoy your week!  I have a few simple and tasty recipes that I will be posting here in the coming days!

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