Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extending My Vacation....

How was your Memorial Day holiday weekend?  I hope it was fabulous! 

Mine was very nice but a bit hectic.  We entertained five visitors at our house from Friday to Monday.  I did a ton of cooking beforehand - made three pizzas, cooked two pounds of meatloaf, baked brownies and two batches of lemon bars.  We also barbecued so I marinated steaks, chicken and sausage.  I made homemade salsa then made a cookie cake.  It was a bit non-stop in the kitchen.  I enjoyed playing hostess even though I was washing towels each day!  I did manage to find time to sit and kick back several beers each afternoon though.  :-)

So yes, I ate way too much food over the weekend.  I also absorbed too much sun from our beach trip and now my back is sunburt badly.  Oh well, at least it was only my back and not my entire body.  The redness and the soon-to-be peeling is worth the time I spent enjoying the sun and the waves and especially watching my three year old laughing nonstop for an hour when the water splashed her knees. 

That being said though, I am feeling very worn out.  I didn't take time to meal plan or even research or read blogs over the weekend for ideas this week.  I'm just going to wing it or throw together last-minute meals for dinner.  My freezer is still very stocked so I can dig into that for supplies as well.   I'm working longer hours at work this week while my boss is on vacation.  Therefore, I decided to extend my vacation and take the rest of this week off....  I will not be blogging or posting a meal plan.   Actually, I will try hard to avoid the computer altogether.  I have a book I want to finish reading and return to my friend who let me borrow it.  And I just need some down-chill time after talking, cooking and entertaining so much for four days.

So this is a quick hi and then a pause until next week when I'm feeling reenergized and refreshed about life and cooking again.  Until then, enjoy yourself and stay well!

Remember, it is good to take a break from time to time.   I know I need this one and that I'll be a new and improved Mandy ready to learn, laugh and cook again soon!



  1. Sounds like my weekend! :) Rest up and enjoy your break, cher!

  2. I understand, that's how my week was last week!

  3. Enjoy - you deserve it! We'll miss you :)