Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (May 23 - 30, 2011)

This week, I'll be cleaning and doing prepwork for visitors that we're having on Memorial Day weekend.  We're going to have a full house - our own little family of three (plus our dog) and five additional guests (3 adults and two kids) are coming to stay with us.  Therefore, I'm not taking on any new meals in my plan this week but rather tried and true favorites of ours that I know everyone will love.  Some of it I'll freeze for our guests and the rest I will keep in the fridge until their Friday arrival. 

Even though I'm not making anything new this week, I do have several new recipes to share with you - including a new sandwich wrap and a brunch casserole that would surely please your family.  So stay tuned for that later this week.

Here's my plan for the coming days!

Monday, May 23 - Chicken Parmesan with honey mustard sauce - This is a wonderful recipe from my cookbook!  Maybe I'll share this recipe here soon.  I will serve these with a side of green beans and homemade bread.

Tuesday, May 24 - B.L.A.T sandwiches (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) with my easy, guacamole dip and baked chips

Wednesday, May 25 - Leftover Chicken Parmesan or Eat out with friends

Thursday, May 26 - Veggie-Turkey Meatloaf - another great recipe from my cookbook!  I will freeze these for our company to enjoy over the weekend! 

Friday, May 27 - Make our two favorite pizzas for our guests arriving: Barbecue Chicken and Ranch Pizza AND Muffuletta Pizza too!  Serve with salad

Saturday, May 28 - Enjoy a big cookout - grilled chicken and sausage, garlic-tequilia-lime shrimp, my awesome low-fat potato salad, cauliflower fritters and more!!

Sunday, May 29 - Brunch Casserole.  Then we'll enjoy a late picnic lunch or eat out, a day at the beach perhaps? 

Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)- Leftovers Buffet from the weekend - where we line up all the food remaining and go for it like we're at Shoney's, Hahaha!  Choose from barebecue foods, pizza, meatloaf and more!

Desserts:  I'll have an array of desserts on hand for our guests to enjoy too.  I'm hoping to make these past treats that I've posted on here:

1) S'mores Cookie Cake Bars

2) Bananas Foster Crumble Cake

3) Double Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?  Are you cooking, ordering out or just figuring it out as you go along? 


  1. I'll be figuring it out as I go along since I'm working 5 days this week including Saturday morning. I usually on work 3 so this should be interesting!

  2. Oops...meant to say I usually only work 3 :)