Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Treat Week Recipe # 2 - Light Caramel-Vanilla Frappe

Welcome to Sweet Treat Week~ a week where I have decided to dedicate this blog to all things sweet.  Some of them will be healthy and lighter versions of desserts or drinks.  Others will be indulgences that you should make when you're in need of them.  It's okay, you can have some then share the extra calories with friends!  That's what I like to do (Ha!) 

Today, let's tackle the ever-popular summertime drink that everyone is always talking about - Caramel Frappe.  I must confess that I was highly addicted to these last summer, indulging in one at least twice a week and paying for them too. 

I finally came to my senses and realized that I was wasting money and could be making my own!  So I took the plunge and made them this past weekend.  My friend Heather sent me her recipe and I tweaked it to make it just right for my taste buds.  It's very easy to make.  Best of all it helps you save money and conserve your ingredients (like not wasting or throwing out leftover brewed coffee like we always do). 

I was very pleased with how this turned out.  I'll admit that mine didn't look as pretty as the ones you purchase at the chain stores but it tasted just the same! 

Light Caramel-Vanilla Frappe

(Serves 2 - or makes two 20 oz size glasses)


10 coffee ice cubes - Use leftover coffee that you brew.  Simply cool then pour into an ice cube tray.  Freeze overnight.  They will look like this (below):

5 regular ice cubes
1 cup of reduced fat or skim milk
1/4 cup of French Vanilla liquid coffee creamer
1/4 cup of Fat-free caramel sundae syrup

How to make your frappe: Blend together the milk, French Vanilla coffee creamer and caramel syrup in your blender.  Then add the coffee ice cubes and regular ice cubes.  Blend until smooth or until your desired thickness or thinness.  I like tiny bits of ice in mine! 

Pour into two 20 oz size glasses and serve immediately.  Top it with additional caramel syrup or whipped cream if you desire.

Sit on your couch and enjoy this with a friend or a good book when you don't have the time or money to go through the drive-thru this summer! 

My blender is really under-used.  How about yours?  How often do you make drinks or frozen concoctions? 

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  1. My blender sucks, but I don't use it enough to warrant getting a new one. Therefore, I don't use it a lot. :P