Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Crafty With Foods - A Sweet Turkey Treat!

I belong to a local MOMS Club organization.  I volunteer a lot with this non-profit group.  They have many activities for moms and children to keep us all active and happy.  Today we had a meeting with our members where I was asked to demonstrate a holiday craft that parents could do with kids at home. 

I've never considered myself to be a real "crafty" person.  I will pull out play-doh to mold or paint for my three year old daughter to make a mess with but I am not artistic.  I can't sew.  I can't draw.  But as I'm discovering and revealing on this site (and in my upcoming cookbook), I can learn.  I can practice at being better.  With hard work and determination, I can improve at a skill or hobby.  After all, I only really began cooking within the past year.  So if I can do that and write a book about it, then I can do almost anything, right?  Right! 

Plus, I am resourceful at finding ideas for crafts and other fun things to do.  I came across this Oreo Turkey Treat posted on a food blog I love while browsing new recipes to try.  This kid-friendly treat looked perfect for my group.  Best of all, it seemed easy enough for even a novice like me to make.  All of the ingredients were easy to find too. 

I was right.  It was simple to make.  Fast too.  Perfect.  I'd definitely recommend it to you and others to try at home!  

Here is my sweet bird:

Don't laugh at it! (Okay, you can laugh, I won't know you're making fun of me anyway!)  My stuff isn't always the prettiest but it's still something that can be enjoyed and best of all, eaten!   Below is the recipe and instructions on how to make your own turkey treat.

Sweet Turkey Treat
(adapted from the Recipe Shoebox blog)

1 box of Oreo cakester cookies  (I like these better than regular Oreo cookies, less mess~!)

1 small package of candy corn
1 small package of whoppers malted candy
1and 1/2 tsp of white icing
1/4 tsp of red icing (or use white with red food coloring) OR use an edible red candy ornament

For each child participating, give him or her a plate.  Place 1 tsp of white cake icing in the center of the plate.  Instruct the kids to place the Oreo cakester upright into the center of the white icing.  Then place one whopper malted candy ball in front of the Oreo cakester so it looks like the head (face) of a turkey.  Gently twist the candy corn pieces into the creamy sides of the Oreo cakester until a full-feathered bird is shown.  Use your remaining white icing to make eyes on the face (whopper candy) of the turkey.  Then use red icing or whatever red ornament candy you have on hand to make the wattle (neck and throat) of the turkey. 

Make as many as you and your kids feel like using all the above ingredients.  Have fun with it!  Then gobble it up!  :-)