Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funny Food Poetry - An Ode To Bacon

I like to write poetry.  I can write out a few verses in just a matter of minutes.  Most of them are silly or goofy (just like I am).   In my cookbook, I share a dozen quirky poems on various foods - from broccoli stinking to how Mexican food gives me the runs.  See, I told you I'm not an ordinary cook!  :-P 

Going forward, I want to continue sharing my wacky poetic side.  So whenever the mood strikes me, I will bring in "Funny Food Poetry."  And it will look something like this:

This photo will then be followed by an original poem that I wrote.  Here is one I wrote about bacon this morning as I ate a breakfast burrito (recipe listed in my cookbook) that was filled with scrambled eggs and bacon.  The wonderful flavor inspired me to write these lines:

Mandy's Ode To Bacon

You come from a pig.
Your flavors are so big.

I enjoy you on your own
Or hidden inside a scone.

Paired with lettuce and tomato
Layered on top of a potato.

You can do no wrong in my eyes.
But please don't go straight to my thighs!

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