Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Food Best Describes You?

This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise - an email that a new friend sent to me thanking me for organizing a special event the other night.  I belong to a woman's group/ moms club where I occasionally plan activities for the members.  Tuesday night we had a spa social event where I found volunteer women (including one who is in our club) who gave us great information and luckily a few free samples of skin care products, facial lotions, oils for massages and more.  Everyone seemed to have a great time. 

One of the ladies who attended sent me a very kind email comparing me to food.  It may sound odd but I absolutely loved it.  Her words brought a huge smile to my face and I just HAD to share it here instead of the planned post I was going to upload.  No, I want to remember these words - my first comparison to food~  :)_

Here's what she told me:



I think if you were a food, a fitting analogy don't you think, you would be a lemon meringue pie!? I know, wait, I'll explain....

Certainly to look at from the outside (you're) an altogether pleasing package with a sweet, simple, feminine, light and easy start.  

But underneath all that meringue one discovers the more complex, unexpected contrast of the tart, intricate, rich flavors that leave one pleasantly surprised and delightfully satisfied by the encounter!

That's you, a Lemon Meringue Pie!

Food Regards,


Wow, I was practically speechless when I read her sweet words.  When my husband reads these lines later today, he may ask, "Umm, is she was flirting with you?"  No sweetie, that's just how we unique and special women are -- we can talk in a way that's sexy and beautiful and complimentary with no strings attached or no hidden agenda behind it (the way that men do).   Plus, you'd have to know this woman friend....  Every thing she says is interesting and poetic in some manner.  And she speaks in an accent making her even more wonderful to listen to.

So thank you to my friend for those sweet words.  It truly made my day! 

I'm so flattered and honored and RELIEVED that she didn't compare me to a Fruitcake OR a Nutty bar.  LOL!  :-P

Seriously though, I actually LOVE lemon-flavored desserts!  I just made my famous lemon bars last weekend for a barbecue.  I have never, ever made a lemon meringue pie though.  So now I MUST add it to my list of recipes to make this year!  You've inspired me girl, thank you! 

Have any of you ever made a lemon meringue pie?  Do you have a good recipe to share with me? 

If somone were to compare you (your style/personality) to a food item, what do you think it would be?  Or how do you compare yourself?  Come on' folks - don't be shy....  Let's dish about food! 

Here is a quick and fun food quiz I found online that you can take -  It asks you five questions then compares your results to a food item.  Let me know your quiz results in the comments section!

I'm taking tomorrow off to spend time with family so I will be back on Sunday with my meal plan for the week and fun things in store for the coming days.  I hope everyone has a great couple of days until my return!


  1. Here is my quiz result:

    You Are Italian Food

    Comforting yet overwhelming.
    People love you, but sometimes you're just too much.

    I laughed out loud at that result! I don't know if it's accurate or not.... I guess I'll start asking my family!

    What is your result?



  2. I got the same as you (Italian food) :) Am I too much?? lol I've never made lemon meringue - i'm not a huge meringue fan, but please post about it when you make it!

  3. I got Mexican food. Big surprise, right!!! Seeing how I have a "tex-mex" food category on my recipe blog!!! LOL! Too funny.
    When I was working in the office (many moons ago) I was constantly being flirted with (with a name like Candi, could you expect anything different?) I can't tell you how many times I got asked, "so Candi, what kind of candy are you??" My response? "I'm a sweettart." I can't be sweet, but I can be tart if you don't pay your bill?" I did collections for 7 years and customer service for 6 years before that.

  4. WOW look at your site! Love the pleasingly refreshing red background!!!! I'm probably a chocolate eclair, don't know why except that I like them!! anne