Friday, February 4, 2011

When In Doubt, Do You Order Out?

Are there some foods that you just prefer to order out instead of make because of the trouble or the cost or some other reason?   As I try to learn and experiment with cooking new foods, I'm sometimes disappointed with the end result. 

Like this week for example, I attemped another chicken tenders recipe.  I found this simple almond chicken strips dish and it sounded very tasty.   I should mention that this is my third time making my own, at-home chicken tenders or nuggets.  And just like the first and second times I made them, these didn't turn out so great.  They weren't awful but they weren't wonderful either.  I would NOT serve them to a crowd of friends or strangers. 

So this got me thinking..... perhaps there are just some foods that most of us average cooks (like me) should just order out instead?  They're just not worth the trouble, especially if they don't turn out as great-tasting!  Chicken tenders is one of them for me.  Sushi is another one.  Although I haven't actually tried to make my own yet, it sure seems like a world of trouble to make the rolls, to form the rice in just the right consistency and to have the freshest, best fish on hand. 

Fancy cakes and desserts are another hangup of mine.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweet stuff but you'll notice that many of my posts are for simple desserts, things like bars, brownies, simple cakes and bite size items.  When I read a recipe and it has 50 steps or more than 20 ingredients, I just get overwhelmed.  I don't want to bother with layers and lots of fillings.  Typically, I will only spend an hour or less on prepwork for any food item, no matter what that is. 

Perhaps when my 3-year old daughter is older and can actually help me out in the kitchen, I'll tackle more difficult or time-consuming projects.  Or when she's out of the house and can't distract me for a potty break or snack item, I will venture above and beyond.  But for now, since it's just me, I like to keep things simple and less than an hour.  When I am full of doubt, I throw up my hands and then start dialing for take-out.   What about you?

Are there some foods that you avoid making and prefer to have while at restaurants?  When in doubt, do you order out?

Good luck with your parties and Superbowl events this weekend!  I hope I've given you some new ideas that you may try out for your guests. 

But as this post suggests, sometimes you may want to order out -things like chicken wings or football-shaped cakes- if you don't have the time or want to go through the trouble of doing it yourself.  Make the simple stuff, like my ham and ranch roll-ups and my pretzel party mix!  Then let someone else stress over the rest!  Enjoy, that's what life is about! 

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  1. I made a yummy recipe by Nigella Lawson. I used ritz crackers and the kids loved them! You'll have to try them. Have a great weekend!