Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (Feb. 7-13, 2011)?

Today we're having a non-Superbowl party with friends of ours!  We're barbecuing steaks, chicken, sausage and hotdogs.  We're having chips and dips, macaroni and cheese and I made three desserts.  We will laugh and carry on just like we were watching the big game.  But we'll probably just listen to music, talk, drink beer and play video games instead.  I don't even know what time the game comes on television or what channel it is on.  But that's okay!  All I really care about is being hostess to my friends today.  Plus all the highlights will be replayed about the game, the commercials and more tomorrow anyway!  I hope you have a fun day planned ahead, whether you are rooting for one of the teams or just doing your own thing like me.

This week I'm starting off with a few new recipes.  Then I will end it with some comfortable, stand-by favorites.  My husband reminded me that I don't need to cook new every day or every week.  The recipes that are printed in my cookbook are there for a reason - they're some of our absolute favorites!  So I'm going to start incorporating more of our family's best into my meal plan each week.

The plus side to including my stand-bys is that I can then free myself up to try an assortment of new desserts and snacks for upcoming Valentine's Day.  If I find enough good ones, I may even do an entire "sweet treat" week for you!  We shall see what happens though! 

Monday, Feb. 7 - Tofu Sloppy Joes with corn and salad - I'm hopeful to try this out - my first ever tofu dish!

Tuesday, Feb. 8 - Potato Pizza with side salad - I'm going to use REAL potatoes for this of course, NOT the instant kind!

Wednesday, Feb. 9 - Leftovers or eat from freezer

Thursday, Feb. 10
Chicken Spaghetti with green beans

Friday, Feb. 11 - Breakfast for dinner:
German Pancakes with homemade syrup, will serve with a side of turkey bacon and grits

Saturday, Feb. 12 - Cheater Enchiladas from my cookbook

Sunday, Feb. 13 - Ham and Potatoes Casserole from my cookbook


Here are the fun, festive Valentine's snacks and desserts I hope to make this coming week:

(1) Red Velvet Marble Cupcakes - adorable and it only makes 12, perfect!

Chocolate Hearts - kid friendly!

Conversation Heart Fudge - kid friendly and cute!

(4) White Chocolate Cranberry "I Love You" bark - my own personal recipe (coming soon)!

(5) Granola fruit cake - well, I need something healthy to help offset all the sugary items above!

What's on your meal plan this week?  Anything special that you are looking forward to making or baking?


  1. Looks like a great week!

    We'll be watching the game today- Mike's a supersports fan and I love the commercials.

  2. Looks like a great week! Love that you are enjoying your evening with friends (game or not) I didn't even know who was playing!!! But we're still making foods and my parents and brother are coming to eat with us. My dad will watch the game and me and momma will head to the bedroom to have pedicures and watch Downton series on my laptop from PBS. :)

  3. Mandy - Fox, kickoff is at 6:18pm ;) Can't say I'd be really excited about the tofu dish, but I'll be interested to read about it! My friend makes a Dutch Puff that seems similar to that German Pancake. I think I will be indulging in the Red Velvet Marble Cupcakes as well - YUM!! You should also post what you plan for your breadmaker!! Hope you have a great week!