Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loser Cook Award #2: Banana Chocolate Cream (Soup) Pie?

Here we go again!  Another cooking disaster!   I almost titled this post "Wednesday's WTF!?" but then just changed it to my loser award #2.   If you missed my first loser cook award, go here to read about it.   I'm sure you enjoy seeing me poke fun at myself anyway. 

My most recent disaster comes from a healthier Banana Chocolate Cream Pie recipe I made.   The recipe called for using skim (fat-free) milk with instant pudding and pie filling.  Now in the past, I've had trouble trying to "skinny-up" puddings and pies.  However, I was optimistic at giving this one a chance.  I love chocolate.  My husband loves banana.  Together they make (and we make) a winning combination....normally that is! 

So I threw them together in this pie....  I'm not sure why or what went wrong but my pie filling never hardened.  It just stayed in a liquid or very soft gel form.  After keeping it in the fridge for several hours, I then decided to move it to the freezer.  Another mistake!  Because once I moved it from the freezer back to the fridge, it turned out looking like this:

WTF: Banana and Chocolate Cream Soup Pie?

When I actually went to slice the pie and put it on a plate, it looked even worse.  The pie became mud or even worse, like sludge.  It actually reminded me of snow that has been salted down.  I remember living in Ohio for 2 and 1/2 years watching that gorgeous winter wonderland turn into a yucky ash-gray color after a blizzard.  However, this sludge had overripe bananas sitting on top of it:

Is it just me or does this Disney princess appear like she has been pooped on?  LOL!

Oh yeah, I bet food gourmet lovers and critics are shuddering now at this story and these photos.  I'm sorry if you gasped out loud too!  Sigh!  I didn't know how to save this one so I threw it all away!  Sniff, sniff.  (I hate to waste food!)

So I hereby give myself the Loser Cook Award once again!  I'm sure this is just the beginning of my loser streak.  Stay tuned for more of my misadventures in the kitchen~ they keep happening!

Have you had luck with using skim milk and pudding in pies?  Do you have a trouble dessert that has kicked you in the butt more than once before?  Join the loser's circle with me please!


  1. shouldn't the instant pudding thicken up while you whip it up with the milk??? I'm cornfused - I might have to school you while I'm down there ;)

  2. It looks like the recipe has too much milk in it. 2 cups milk to one package of pudding? I'd try it again but add another package of pudding. Check the side of the box, sometimes it will give directions for pudding pie and you reduce the amount of milk. I don't think you did anything wrong, so maybe you can retract the "loser award". :)

  3. Mandy, no tips, but I'm seeking advice. I'm cooking "Christmas Dinner" for Mike and his parents but I'll only be in the new apartment for about a week so I don't want to go all out and make the big traditional dinner. I was planning on doing chicken and dumplings with a few veggies on the side but I learned last night that Mike's dad won't eat chicken. Any suggestions for a simple but festive meal?