Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's Cookin' This Week (Dec 6 - 12)?

Here is my meal plan for the upcoming week - what I have lined up for dinner from Dec. 6- 12, 2010:

(Note: For my family, breakfast is usually a rotation of oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, banana or other fruit, cereal or toast.  On weekends, I will sometimes cook classic or new twists to french toast, egg casserole, a hash brown dish or more.  When I do, I'll share those here.  Lunch is usually leftovers, soup or sandwich.  Therefore in my weekly meal plans, I usually only concentrate on dinners and 2-3 snacks per week).

Monday, Dec. 6 - Hamburger (Sheperd's) Pie, side salad

Tuesday, Dec. 7 - Avocado Chicken Salad, guacamole dip and chips (guacamole recipe is from my cookbook)

Wednesday, Dec. 8 - Leftovers or Family Dinner Outing

Thursday, Dec. 9
- Ham and Potato Casserole (recipe is from my cookbook)

Friday, Dec. 10
- Hot dogs and Sloppy Joes (recipe for Sloppy Joes is from my cookbook)

Saturday, Dec. 11
- Shrimp and Grits - will modify this recipe for it, I think

Sunday, Dec. 12
- Sweet and Savory Meatballs, side of corn and salad

Woo-hoo, it's going to be a yummy dinner week in my household!  There will be a lot of leftovers too.  But they'll be going straight into my freezer so I can eat them again in a few weeks when I don't feel like cooking!

Here are the snack and desserts I hope to make this week too:

Homemade bread using my new breadmaker - still looking for the right recipe to try!

Pumpkin cobbler

Chocolate toffee bars


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  1. I'm coming over for dinner on the 11th- I love Shrimp and Grits. Love Love Love.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'll just call you Martha, short for Martha Stewart!!! I'm organized like this too. If I were a full-time mom, I'd probably have the same kind of system.

    We were just discussing Shepherd's Pie last night, wondering if I could substitute the Ore-Ida Steam n Mash potatoes for regular ones. It's more expensive but I hate peeling potatoes!

  3. can't get to the meatball recipe, but i'll bet it's b/c my computer is being a pitb today, not the site's fault :(

  4. check you out mama!!!! So very very very proud of you!!!!!!!!

    Do you do much crock pot cooking???

    How are you / the family???