Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Breadmaker vs. Me - So far I'm getting my butt kicked!

On Black Friday, my husband spotted a great deal on a breadmaker.  I've been wanting one for nearly a year now.  So I was thrilled to finally find a good bargain on receiving one! 

This past week I tried it out for the first time.  I followed a recipe for wheat bread that was listed in the instructional manual that came with my breadmaker.  I was very excited to watch it in action, surprised at how quiet it was and in awe at the kneading and rising processes. 

I happily checked on it several times, peering through the little window on top.  That is, I was happy until I saw the top rise and then cave in.

Basically the end result of my bread looked like this:

My poor, once beautiful loaf of bread~ why did it have to form a skateboard ramp in the center??

And if that wasn't enough to hurt my ego, then I noticed that a metal object was lodged into the bottom of the bread.  You guessed it - one of the kneading knobs came off inside the bread.  It was not easy to pull it out either!

The entire knob was tucked away in this monster loaf! 

My friend B who's practically an expert breadmaker user told me that this is actually quite common.  She said it happened to her multiple times.  Thank goodness!  I was not ready to give myself another Loser Cook Award quite this soon! 

Since the bread tasted yummy, I forgave myself.  After all, this was the first time I laid my hands on the machine. The breadmaker is challenging me, pushing me away.

I suppose the best way to sum it up is to say that we are in a fight.  And he is winning! 

Breadmaker - 1
Mandy - 0

However, I will demand a rematch.  I will prevail just like Rocky Balboa did.  I will train harder and scream the name "Adrian!" louder as I work up my next batch of dough. 

Stay tuned to see who will win the next battle! 

Do you have any tips for using a breadmaker and making bread in them? 

Have you had any battles in the kitchen lately?  Do you fight with your appliances? 

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  1. I love my bread machine! Less than 15 minutes of effort on my part gives me a loaf of homemade goodness.

    To get the best rising loaf, you need to use bread flour, which has more gluten than all-purpose. I've never found whole wheat (only white), but if you want whole-grain bread you can buy "vital wheat gluten" in the baking aisle. Try this link for more information:

  2. I sold my breadmachine in a yard sale for $1. I know, the stupidest thing I've done so far in my life. After that I was determined to make bread by hand. SO I don't have any advice for the machine, but when you're ready to tackle it on the counter, you should watch the tutorial by Heavenly Homemakers...she's hilarious when "spanking" the dough!

  3. Well the bread LOOKS delicious, so that ought to count for something!

  4. i NEVER had success with my bread machine so i gave it away, i just couldn't deal with all the failure, but good luck with yours :)


  5. I am your newest follower! I followed you over from Anniebakes. Come follow me back!

    I would love to win your cookbook, what a great accomplishment. You should do a giveaway too, it is a great way to pick up new followers.

    I had a bread machine for years and although the bread made in it was never that great, the loaves are kind of small and the crust is really thick, I loved mixing and rising it in the machine and then removing it and shaping it into real loaves, letting it rise on the counter and baking it. It can do all the fussy stuff for you and you take care of the rest. It really worked well that way.

    Hoping to win your fun book! Nice to meet you.

  6. I got a bread maker from a friend and I have been trying to master it too. I want a lighter loaf not so dense and I would like it to rise so it is a FULL loaf :) Is that too much to ask? My friend only uses her bread machine to mix and rise the dough and then she puts in pans and bakes in the oven. Not sure what I am gonna do.