Saturday, July 23, 2011

How about a 1:1:1 Egg? (That's a 1 minute-1 egg for 1 person!)

Sometimes I wonder if my brain lives under a rock?  Or perhaps it dwells inside a bubble?  That's how I often feel when I come across a story, an idea or in this case a recipe that I honestly didn't know about before.  And everyone else has heard of it and has neglected to tell me.  Or perhaps the truth is that I neglected to listen!  That's what happened this past week when I stumbled upon a recipe to microwave an egg in a bowl!!

You can microwave eggs???!!!  WHAT???!   I didn't know that.  No really, I didn't.  If I had I would have been doing it all the time, every week, a hella of a lot sooner.  Nope, instead I've been pulling out that frying pan, using cooking spray and spending unnecessary time making myself an egg during a busy morning.

Well that ends now!  Thank you Nutritious Eats for your post and for letting me know that there is a simpler, faster way to begin my day!  I'll never forget you!  Bless you!  Below is the recipe I used so that each of you can live a simpler life too!  Enjoy!

My microwaved egg was so adorable.  Here is Eggsy pictured on top of half a whole grain pancake!  They were the best of buds, until I ate them!  :-)

1:1:1 Egg -  (That stands for 1-minute, just one egg, for one person!)
Adapted from Nutritious Eats

1 egg
1 tsp of milk (or water)
1 tsp combination of your favorite seasonings (I used a garlic-salt-parmesan blend b/c I like to start my day by keeping the evil vampires away!)

Note: You need a microwave for this!

Grab a small microwavable dish.  Generously grease it with cooking spray.  You don't want your egg sticking to it.  Crack your egg into the greased dish and begin beating it with a fork. 

Add in your tsp of milk or water.  Now add in whatever seasonings you prefer best on eggs!  Then just cook in your microwave for one minute on medium high or high.  (Mine was ready in 45 seconds!)  Remove from heat. 

Check it out!  Isn't it cute!?  And it tasted just like you cooked it in the frying pan.   I promise!  Eat it and love it. 

Have you ever eaten eggs this way?  If not, would you be willing to try it?

Have an Eggs-cellent day and weekend my friends! 


  1. My dad showed me that trick but he used a paper plate. I had no idea. Your eggsy is/was adorable. I miss hearing from you. My fault with all the busyness of life happening. Hope all is well. I've got tons of catching up to do!

  2. I love this. When I lived by myself (when I was 20, wow that's 17 years ago!!!) anyway...I loved to eat my eggs like that. Super easy and fast. They fit perfectly onto an english muffin too.

  3. omg, no way, i've never heard of this either!