Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Cookin' and Prepwork- July 15 and 16, 2011

Who's ready for the weekend?  I am!  Although I'm not really planning to slow down for long.  I am going to do as much prepwork during the rest of July as I can so that I can relax and celebrate my Saturdays and Sundays in August.  After all, I have much to look forward to: a best friend coming to visit, my birthday, my wedding anniversary and more!

I plan to use up some remaining items in my freezer now, which includes two pounds left of ground turkey.  I also have just a small amount of broccoli and spinach purees left.  I'm intending to use all that up this weekend.  (So I guess next weekend will be another puree party of vegetables!) 

Let's get to the plan.  Here's what I am hoping to accomplish, cook or make this weekend.  See my below list:

Weekend Cookin' and Prepwork for July 15 and 16, 2011:  

1. Clean my Coffee and Tea Mugs- I found the quickest and most effective method of making your dirty-looking coffee cups look like new.  Check out this post where I talk about the secret to my success!

2. Mandy's Magnificent Meatloaf-  I have spent years trying to perfect the traditional meatloaf recipe.  And this is my family's absolute favorite.  It freezes well so I'm going to make this, portion it out and put it straight in my freezer for future lunches and dinners.

3. Turkey Burgers - I only have one burger left in my freezer so I'm going to make a small batch of these.  The recipe is in my cookbook and it's one that we enjoy every month at least once.  I add broccoli and carrots to ground turkey making it a moist, nutritious burger that you can make on your stovetop in just ten minutes.

4. Popover Upside Down Pizza - I bookmarked this recipe on my friend Lara's website, Recipe Shoebox, a few weeks ago.  I can't wait to try this out!  I'm going to skip the ground turkey since I"m using it for the other two recipes above.  Instead I'll use turkey pepperoni slices that are in my fridge right now instead.  I'm also going to add in some veggies to this.  I'll post any modifications I make to the recipe at a later time.

5. Apple Dump Cake - I'm going to make this on Sunday and bring it into work for my boss' early birthday cake.  He revealed he loves apples and this looks easy, plus I have all the ingredients!
Well, that's all I have on my meal planning agenda for now!  I hope I can accomplish it all and do some cleaning around the house too.

Happy weekend and Happy Cookin' to you all!  I'll be back on Sunday to share my meal plan for the upcoming week. 

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