Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funny Food Poetry: Eggs

Food is funny.  Cooking is funny.  I just don't see how others can't see it that way.  The craziest things happen to me while I'm in the kitchen.  So I like to write about my quirky thoughts on this culinary journey of mine.  Here's a poem I came up with a few days ago.... my ode to eggs.... Enjoy!

Mandy's Ode to Eggs

I crack you up
For breakfast, dinner and lunch
I start to panic
If I don't have a bunch

Mixed in for cakes
Or scrambled with bacon and cheese
I'll take two dozen
And jumbo-size please

I you come first
Or last after the chicken?
You are loved and adored by many
Just like a classic by Charles Dickens.

Although you do smell bad
If you've been out or in heat for awhile
And you're very nasty in an upchuck
Which I've experienced all over the tile.

Still I love your variety
And how you lend yourself to all
Just be careful the next time
You go to sit on a wall.

Please know that I will always need you
And want to keep you around
So that I can boil you and beat you
Before you can ever utter a sound. 


Here are several recipes with eggs that I hope to make in the coming months:

Do you have an egg recipe that I can add to my list above? Do you have a favorite egg dish?  Tomorrow I will share with you the egg (and grits) casserole that inspired this poem for me. 

How often do you cook or bake with eggs?  I like to keep two dozen on hand in my house at all times because of how often I use them!  


  1. I've made Egg Drop Soup - so easy and tasty!!! I made the overnight egg casserole from Our Best Bites and it was very good...that would be my recommendation! (