Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (Jan 24 - 30, 2011): The Pre-Super Bowl Meal Plan

Let's pretend it's Super Bowl Sunday each day this week, shall we?  Just ignore the fact that I don't even know what teams are playing this year.  Nevermind the details that I haven't watched a football game since last year's Superbowl game where the New Orleans Saints took home the prize.  It's all about the food and commercials anyway, right?  Right!  Good.  Okay.

Seriously though as I was jotting down all my ideas for the upcoming week, they all seemed to be great snack or party foods but healthier versions of them.  Therefore, I thought....let me help those people who are actually excited about the upcoming game plan their football gatherings and social events.  So here you go - The Superbowl Snack Plan - a week early, so that you can shop ahead of time and even make them ahead of time to be sure your friends and family will love them! 

Monday, Jan. 24 - Vegetarian Red Bean Stew, the recipe is listed here under "main dishes"

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Bacon-Cheddar Meatballs, I will bake these not fry them and use other healthy substitutions

Wednesday, Jan. 26 -
Leftovers or eat out

Thursday, Jan. 27
- Ranch Ham Roll-ups, Championship Bean Dip with baked pita chips

Friday, Jan. 28
- Sloppy Joe and Veggie Pizza

Saturday, Jan. 29
- Sausage and Bow Tie Pasta Salad, with sesame green beans

Let's pretend it's Superbowl Sunday, Jan. 30
- For breakfast/brunch: Breakfast Biscuit Quiches
For lunch: Almond chicken strips with honey mustard sauce
For dinner: Slow cooker Jambalaya


A party isn't complete without snacks and desserts!  Here are some good ones that I will try to make that would go excellent with tailgating or watching a sports event:

Easy spinach and artichoke dip, recipe is from my cookbook

Pretzel party mix

Rice Krispie Chocolate Peanut Butter balls

Cookie cake bars

Do you watch the Super Bowl game?  What are your favorite sports foods to munch on?

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  1. You have a yummy week planned! I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Last year, PBS played a Jane Austen movie so my mom and I went into the bedroom to watch it while the guys took over the living room. It was perfect! Have a great week!