Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week (Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2011)?

Last week I enjoyed making and eating party snacks, appetizers and meals meant for tailgating and sports events.  I'll be posting those yummy recipes each day this week. 

However, my meal plan for the coming days is me trying to get back on the normal track with more traditional family-style meals and snacks that we like to eat.  So here is what I have lined up for us:

Monday, Jan. 31 - Italian Style Turkey Burgers (recipe is from The Five Dollar Dinner Mom cookbook), with sweet potato fries

Tuesday, Feb. 1 - Chicken Ropa Veja with Carrot Rice and side salad

Wednesday, Feb. 2 - Leftovers or eat from freezer

Thursday, Feb. 3
- Ham and cheese pasta casserole with Popover mini breads

Friday, Feb. 4
- Sausage Stromboli with veggies sneaked inside

Saturday, Feb. 5
- Italian Chicken and Penne Salad, from the Healthy Family meals cookbook, homemade bread

Sunday, Feb. 6
-  Barbecue steaks and hot dogs with potato salad and beans


Here are the snacks and desserts I hope to make this week:

Pumpkin spice granola - I'm excited about this one as I love trying new granola recipes!

(2) Breakfast crumble cake, from
my cookbook - so easy and everyone loves this!

(3) Lightened up fudge brownies, from
my cookbook - you'd never know this is "light" because of its great taste!

Blueberry Crisp - this recipe has mayonnaise in it but it has rave reviews so I can't wait to try it!

What do you have lined up for the week?  Any big party or Superbowl plans?  Stay tuned for great party appetizers, snacks and meals that I will posting tomorrow and every day this week!


  1. I made the pumpkin spice granola too and it's divine! I ate it with almond milk for breakfast cereal. So good! Have a great week!

  2. that granola looks really good! i'll have to give it a whirl. thanks for the ideas!